Wednesday 4 January 2012

Green World Compound Marrow Powder

Compound Marrow Powder is a nutritious health food from Green World Int'l. It takes fresh spinal cord, brain marrow, cavity marrow of cow, lecithin, protein powder, buckwheat powder, multivitamin and trace elements such as Iron, Zinc, Magnessium as its ingredients, thus supplementing the body with various nutrients.
Compound Marrow Powder has the following functions:

  • It alleviates sore waist and leg pain
  • It supplements the body with Calcium
  • It prevents and heals osteoporosis
  • It increases human immunity
  • It relieves fatigue
  • It improves sleepiness
  • It enhances the brain (memory)
  • It regulates blood lipid
  • It balances the blood pressure
  • It retards aging
  • It increases SOD activity and calcium level in the blood serum.

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  1. Where do i buy it in east london

  2. Where do I get it in south africa?

  3. Wer can l get it in harare

  4. Can I take it with cold or hot water

  5. We're can I get it in cape town

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