Friday, 26 August 2011

Rheumatism Prevention and Permanent Cure. Call 08090896455 for FREE Consultation

Rheumatism or rheumatic disorder is a medical problem affecting the joints and connective tissue.
Rheumatism causes significant discomfort, pain and stiffness of joints, bones, tendons or ligaments.

Rheumatism can be prevented and cured.

Green World Rheumatism Solution prevents and cures all forms of rheumatism.

The combination of the herbal products below will prevent and permanently cure all types of rheumatism.
The products are cheap and affordable; and have no side effects.

Calcium Softgel
Kuding Plus Tea
Cordyceps Plus Capsule
Deep Sea Fish Oil (Omega 3)
Compound Marrow Powder
Calcium Softgel

Green World Rheumatism Solution will

  •  supplement the body with various nutrients. 
  •  increase human immunity, relieve fatigue, improve sleepiness, enhance memory, regulate blood lipid, balance blood pressure and retard aging.
  •  alleviate sore of waist and pain of leg
  •  supplement the body with calcium
  •  help osteoporosis
  •  increase SOD activity and calcium level in blood serum.
  •  promote blood circulation in the body and flush out toxin and inflammation. 
  •  prevent high blood pressure, fatty liver and lipid decrement.
  •  relieve body pain and back pain

Green World Rheumatism solution is natural, Safe, reliable and without any side effect.

We offer FREE DELIVERY to homes and offices on orders above N15,000.00
Delivery available to all states in Nigeria, UK, USA and Canada.

5% Discount on Purchases above N20.000.00

30 days Money Back Guarantee!!!

Call Ife on 08090896455, 08126622096, +2348090896455, +2348126622096  for FREE Consultation and Sales Order.
Compound Marrow Powder

Green World is creating a Green Health for All on the basis of Sincerity and Credibility.

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